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On July 23, 2014, First National Bank USA will be launching a new and enhanced version of our consumer bill payment service. The new service will offer many new benefits and features including better cash flow control and the ability to accept electronic bills. Best of all, the new bill pay features a new payment model where your account will be charged on the same day the biller receives the funds for your payment!

You will continue to access bill pay through , via internet banking. The majority of your payees will also be converted to the new system. In rare instances, a payee may not convert. To add a payee, simply go to the ‘Add a Bill’ tab and follow the instructions.

If you currently use the single or reoccurring transfer option to a person or another financial institution, these features will no longer be available after July 21, 2014. For transfers to a person or another financial institution when you launch the updated system, you will need to set up those payments as paying a person or company under the ‘Add a Bill’ tab.

For a detailed look at the new bill pay, please click on the following link:

History of your payments will not be converted to the updated system. Please go to your current payment history listing and print off any history you think you may need before July 21, 2014. Our Internet Banking Department will also be able to access your history. You may contact us at 985-785-8411.

You are a valued customer to First National Bank USA. We thank you for your patience during this transition and we are confident you will be pleased with our new and enhanced bill payment service.


Brandt Dufrene
Chairman & President
First National Bank USA